Diploma in Adjudication in the Construction Industry

420 hours formal CPD


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The RICS Diploma in Adjudication in Construction has been designed to provide you with the necessary in-depth knowledge of the legal principles and how to apply these to the adjudication process.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • How the law of contract is applied to the practice of adjudication
  • How the law of tort is applied to the practice of adjudication
  • The practical application in the production of an enforceable decision
  • Knowledge and understanding of the nature of law and its place in society

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How is this course delivered?

This distance-learning course takes place over 18 months and is made up of four modules.


What will I receive on completion of the course?

The Diploma in Adjudication is a Level 5 qualification, and on successful completion you will meet the relevant National Occupational Standards and be able to seek fee-earning work as an adjudicator. Your details will be retained in a pool that will be considered for vacancies on the RICS President’s Panel of Adjudicators (subject to any further assessment or mentoring that is considered appropriate) as and when they arise.

Please note that to qualify as an adjudicator and to be eligible for CIArb fellowship, you need to undertake the whole diploma, the certificate will be of particular benefit to those wishing to understand the adjudication process in detail or represent parties.

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Unit one

What's covered?

  • The nature of law and its place in society
  • How the law of contract is applied to the practice of adjudication
  • How the law of tort is applied to the practice of adjudication
  • How the rules of evidence are applied to the practice of adjudication


£945 + VAT

Unit one dates

Date: 8 November 2023 - 8 May 2024

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Unit two

What's covered?

  • The application of the law of adjudication


£805 + VAT

Unit two dates

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Date: 15 May 2024 - 24 July 2024

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Unit three

What's covered?

  • The process of commencing adjudication
  • The process of planning and running an adjudication for the various parties involved
  • How to draft submissions for adjudication


£805 + VAT

Unit three dates

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Date: 7 August 2024 - 6 November 2024

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Unit four

What's covered?

  • Apply advanced knowledge and understanding of contract and tort law to adjudication
  • Ability to competently run adjudication proceedings
  • Write and deliver an accurate, reasoned and enforceable decision


£1800 +VAT

Unit four dates

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Date: 13 November 2024 - 16 April 2025

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Meet the trainers

Matthew Molloy

Matthew Molloy

Director, MCMS Ltd

With 20 years’ experience in dispute resolution, Matthew has been appointed in over 700 construction and engineering disputes as either Adjudicator, Arbitrator, Mediator, Expert Determiner, Conflict or Dispute Avoidance Panel/Board Member. These disputes have concerned a number of high profile projects both within the UK and overseas, and have involved complex technical and legal issues in a variety of sectors, including education, private and public housing, offices, hotels and leisure, sports stadia, roads and infrastructure, utilities, energy and process engineering. Matthew delivers content in an informed but relaxed style. His key focus during training is ensuring delegates can turn learnings from the “classroom” into practice.

Profile picture

Paul Jensen

Construction contracts consultant, Paul Jensen Associates

Paul is a Quantity Surveyor and member of RICS since 1968. Paul developed an interest in the legal aspects of the construction industry during his 14-year stint as a Chief Estimator and Quantity Surveyor for a medium-sized business, and as a result went on to study law and qualify as a barrister. During training, Paul explains legal subject areas in a way that makes seemingly complex matters accessible and easy to understand. He draws on his immense experience as an arbitrator and adjudicator to illustrate how arbitration and adjudication operate in real-life. His style is geared to promoting learning through lively discussions, which he initiates by asking students to respond to challenging questions.

What our delegates say...

“I can apply my newly acquired knowledge during my day to day job whilst valuating applications for payment and provide a build up for the certified amount, when valuating quotations and review entitlement for various compensation events. I do feel much more confident reading and interpreting various terms and conditions of ongoing construction contracts.”

Valentina Mirea, Senior Commercial Manager

Lendlease Consulting

“For areas I found challenging, there was always the opportunity to speak to one of the lecturers for some guidance. Ultimately, I did have some one-to-one correspondence with one of the lecturers, which was exceptionally good. I can go into any contract with confidence and I know it isn’t an issue if a dispute happens. I’m ready to go.”

Andy Wood, Managing Director

Spectrum Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

“I’ve been involved in adjudication and dispute resolution for many years. The Diploma in Adjudication has not only built upon my existing knowledge and experience to allow me to really raise the bar on the expert advice I provide to clients, but has reinforced and provided the skills needed for me to act as an adjudicator.”

Lisa Rushton, Director

LJR Commercial Solutions Ltd


Recruitment for the RICS President's Panel takes place when there are vacancies or a need to increase the Panel size . Once Panel recruitment is necessary, we try to contact those who have successfully completed the diploma and invite them to submit an application for desk top review. Successful applicants will then be invited to attend a familiarisation day and Panel interview to assess eligibility for the Panel.


Reading materials are not provided and costs vary depending on where you purchase them. You'll also need to cover any costs associated with travelling to the tutorials.


No, however you'll need to have a good concept of English and be able to produce essays and exam answers in English. The tutorials and assessments will be conducted in English with some marks in the assessments being attributed to; English, punctuation and grammar.


The diploma runs for 18 months, however you do have 4 years from your first registration with the awarding body to complete the diploma.


Yes you can but please bear in mind that this diploma is based on UK domestic law.  Assessment arrangements need to be considered because assessments are hand written and must be invigilated by a Dispute Resolution Service approved exam center.  You'll have to pay any additional costs associated with attending a local center.

You can pay for each unit individually, however payment for each unit must be received by the unit start date.


Absolutely, you can pick and choose, but we strongly recommend you complete the units consecutively. Unit 4 cannot be started without first completing the learning for units 1-3 unless you have an exemption. Please bear in mind, if you do decide to complete the full diploma then needs to be completed within 4 years from registration.


Some previous study may potentially cross over with some aspects of the diploma but this is assessed on an individual basis.


Yes - you'll have access to a discussion forum where you can communicate with other delegates and get support from our dedicated training and qualifications team.


All tutorials are recorded but to benefit from discussions and activities which take place at the tutorials we highly recommend they are attended.


 You can resit the assessments, however there is a resit fee of £150 plus VAT for each assessment.


We understand that this diploma is often completed alongside work and personal commitments so we will allow you to defer your learning to a later diploma cohort. The first deferral you request is free of charge but any subsequent deferrals will be charged at £150 plus VAT.  Please bear in mind that this diploma needs to be completed within 4 years of its start date.


The final unit assessment consists of producing an enforceable decision in the allocated time. It's a case study style assessment where you'll be provided with a scenario and must use this information to produce an enforceable decision. 


Yes - each unit has a reading programme that is broken down into the topics which should be read each week and the recommended study hours. This programme is reviewed by the tutor at the beginning of each module and released to around 2-4 weeks prior to the start of the unit.



All delegates

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Save 10% when you book all 4 units together