Following the publication of the Rights to Light consumer guide, RICS is putting forward a professional standard for land developers, surveyors/surveying firms and legal specialists. This is a draft update to the 2nd edition taking into account changes in legislation, technology and case law. You can have your say on the draft standard before 21 August 2023.

Rights of Light standard

Rights of light (RoL) is an area of surveying practice that can have enormous ramifications on residential and commercial development by injunction to prevent the development, payment of compensation, changing of design or even the demolition of non-compliant structures. It follows that Chartered surveyors have an established role as experts dealing with the enjoyment of natural light in the built environment.

This new 3rd edition of the Rights of Light standard builds on the industry standard 2nd edition and seeks to assist the surveyor in:

  • providing accurate and comprehensible information to clients
  • ensuring that, in the event of a dispute, facts are set out in a manner that assists the parties and their legal advisers
  • safeguarding the interests of owners, investors, insurance providers and others who rely on a chartered surveyor’s report/evaluation of rights of light, whether assessing the viability of a potential development or the negative impacts of a development proposal by others.

The new edition contains new case law examples, new legal RoL protocol, in-depth information on geospatial/measured surveys, insurance, compensation and information on the RoL RICS membership route. 

RICS invites all those who wish to comment to engage with the open consultation and to pass this information on to interested colleagues.

The consultation closes on Monday 21st August at 23:59 BST.

Have your say.