RICS has published the draft RICS Residential Retrofit Standard, a framework within which RICS members can provide professional advice on energy efficiency home improvements.

RICS members with expertise in surveying residential property are perfectly placed to provide holistic advice which considers the occupants, property and construction type, defects, and other relevant matters to make recommendations on effective energy efficiency measures, on a case-by-case basis.

We are seeking feedback on this new standard to support householders looking to retrofit their homes, equip professionals carrying out these services, and bolster the UK’s effort to decarbonise. An estimated 25 million homes will require energy improvement measures to varying degrees.

As energy prices increase, net-zero targets draw closer and minimum energy efficiency standards are introduced, there is demand for impartial, and consistent home retrofit services. RICS professionals are the leading experts in residential property and are best placed to provide advice to consumers, landlords and government.

A recent survey carried out by RICS in conjunction with YouGov showed:

  • More than three quarters of respondents (78%) stated that they would find it helpful if their surveyor could offer retrofitting advice when purchasing a property
  • 36% of homeowners would not know how to go about making their homes more environmentally friendly.

These figures highlight the need for trusted retrofit advice that consumers can rely on. To contribute and help shape this new standard, we need your feedback by 12th September 2023, 23:59 BST. Take part in the RICS Retrofit Standard consultation now.

If you have any queries regarding the consultation, please contact: standards@rics.org

“The role that our homes play in reaching UK climate goals must be recognised, and as the leading real estate experts, RICS professionals are best placed to provide market-critical retrofit surveys. Have your say now.”

Frank Hovorka

RICS Sustainability Chair

“UK homes are not as energy efficient as they could or should be. This needs to change, and we haveto act now. Improving the energy efficiency needs to be incorporated into the ongoing maintenance of our homes. Efficient homes use less energy which will save money and help save the planet. We are developing the new RICS retrofit standard at pace so that RICS members can help customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes. We all have a role to play and by working together we can make a difference.”

Antony Parkinson

RICS Senior Property Specialist

“RICS have been working with the industry, government and lenders to address the urgent need for a consistent approach towards retrofit assessments. The RICS Retrofit Standard is a much welcomed and significant step towards helping to develop a standardised methodology for creating low-carbon, energy efficient homes. Such a standard has long been sought after by industry and government, and can have a fundamental role in shaping and delivering future green policies.”

Sam Rees

RICS Senior Public Affairs Officer