In this video discussion, Andrew Knight talks with Stephan Sowah co-founder of WheresHome who shares his insights and experiences in navigating the complex world of relocations and repatriations.  Their engaging conversation sheds light on the integration of technology and human-centric approaches to provide seamless relocation services in the dynamic real estate landscape. In this video, the following topics are covered:

  • Utilisation of APIs for data-driven decision-making in property relocation
  • Implementation of digital platforms to streamline the relocation process.
  • Integration of AI and data analytics to enhance user experience and facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Leveraging technology to identify consumer behaviour and preferences in real estate.
  • The impact of the pandemic on property trends and relocation preferences, emphasizing the shift towards remote working and suburban living.
  • Challenges and opportunities in the Proptech sector, emphasizing the need for consumer-focused solutions and the importance of strong communication and empathy in entrepreneurship.

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme and our partner WheresHome can be found here.