Ransomware Guide – 6 minute read

In this guide, RICS Tech Partner Mitigo Cybersecurity are helping businesses with a strategy to defend against ransomware attacks. It highlights the five layers of defence that you should have lined up against this threat to keep your firm secure.

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Beware of the Ransomware Q&A – 9 minute listen

In their latest Q&A, Mitigo partners Lindsay Hill and Kerrie Machin are discussing all things ransomware. In this episode, Mitigo cover what it is, who the attackers are and how you know you’re under attack, what is demanded and how you pay, your reporting obligations and most importantly, how to defend against it.

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The Cybercriminal Ecosystem: Evolution and Extortion

Cybercrime is a dynamic landscape, with not only the types of attacks but the nature of the operators or gangs involved becoming ever-more sophisticated. Understanding the ecosystem in which cyber criminals operate is the first step in understanding and managing the risks involved.

In their article, our cybersecurity partner Mitigo delve into the evolving methods of extortion, referencing an interesting study which compares cocaine trafficking in the 1990s with modern day ransomware.

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